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HP Laptop Issues and Solutions:

Blue Screen Error of Death:

The Blue screen error of death is one of the most hazardous issues which takes place without any prior information and hence it needs to be recovered immediately. The major cause of BSOD is hardware, specifically motherboard related errors. The overheating, registry issues and device clock issue is another possible reason for BSOD. The BSOD is made up of major fours factors namely:

  • The error code
  • Loaded memory modules
  • Unloaded modules with no error codes
  • The screen with debug status

Try the Given Solution:

  • Check your last activity and restore the changes you have recently made. For Example: remove any added file or software.
  • Make sure the heat isn’t trapped in your device. To do so, check the fan of your laptop, and store it on the normal temperature.
  • Search for the error code, if you are having any. Troubleshooting the error code will fix the BSOD instantly.

Battery Life Issues with Your HP Laptop:

The older batteries tend to lose earlier than the new one. But if your device is quite new, and still facing the battery backup issue, try the below-given tips to fix it for better longevity:

  • Turn on the battery in saver mode. By doing this, one can control the intake of the battery.
  • Close the unwanted apps and programs from the background, as the unused programs consume the battery and cause frequent drainage.
  • Adjust the power settings accordingly to minimize the battery drainage.
  • Using dim light on your laptop is preferred to save battery while working in a continuous manner.

Startup Problems:

Some users encounter startup issues while using HP laptops. This can occur due to a number of reasons, so one must detect the actual cause first before performing any troubleshooting. The lack of care can promote issues like laptop startup issues. The issue with the wireless card can be the possible reason for the startup issue.

The issue with the hardware of HP laptop can also be the reason behind the startup issues with HP laptop. So, check the motherboard for overheating or other issues and fix the issue with the help of HP Laptop Support Number and get instant solution.

HP Black Screen Issues:

If you can see nothing but black screen on your HP laptop even after turning it on, you need to find what has triggered the issue. This issue mostly occurs after updating the operating system of your HP laptop. Here are some of the possible ways to get rid of the black screen issue with your HP laptop:

Solution 1:

Hard Reset The Laptop:

  • Shut down your laptop
  • Remove the power plug, USB drives, battery, and other peripheral devices.
  • Hold the power button for 1 -2 minutes and then release.
  • Place the battery and plug in the power cable.
  • Do not attach the peripherals yet.
  • Boot or start your HP laptop.

Solution 2:

Restart The Explorer.Exe Process:

The closed explore.exe can promote the issue like black screen error. The .exe issue can be caused due to an unknown error. The explorer manager of your laptop manages the desktop, taskbar and more. So, if the explorer is no longer available or closed by mistake, this can make your screen look black.

Restart the Explorer. Exe with the Following Steps:

  • Press and hold Ctrl, Shift and Esc keys in a concurrent manner to start the Task manager.
  • Click on Details tab or Processor tab
  • Look for explorer.exe and press OK
  • Click on End task to stop the ongoing task.
  • Restart your laptop and this may fix the black screen issue.

Solution 3:

The graphics card plays the important role in the functioning if your HP laptop. The missing or outdated graphics card can cause the black screen issue. So you must check the graphics card and graphics drivers to find the solution to the issue of a black screen.

Either manually update or replace the drivers using the inbuilt Windows manager or go the site of, manufacture to find the right set of drivers. Call upon HP Laptop Support Phone Number to get the best possible solution to the black screen issues.


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