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HP Desktop or Computer Issues:

HP desktops are the trendiest computer available the market which let you meet with your day to day work goals. The technology used by HP in its computer is highly-advanced and complex to serve this modern world computing needs. But some issues never leave the hand of HP computers and those issues are described here along with their best match solutions:

HP Desktop Locks Up or Freezes:

The freezing issue stops everything running on your computer and affect your work routine. The unresponsive computer can be great stress. Here find the best solution to the not responding, hang on frozen HP desktop. The frozen HP desktop includes:

  • The system is not responding to mouse and keyboard commands
  • The display is not moving at all.
  • Mouse cursors are showing busy inconsistent manner.

To troubleshoot the freezing issues with your HP Desktop, try the following:

  • Check the computer hardware for the issues.
  • Make sure your device is working is not having any corrupted system registry.
  • Replace any failed software component
  • Restart your device to turn off the suspended or sleep mode.

Solution 2:

Update the Drivers for Your HP Desktop:

Updating your drivers can save you from a number of issues and freezing is one of those. So, one must search for the latest drivers and install them to fix the freezing issue.

Solution 3:

Fix the Overheating:

If your device is not responding at all, overheating can be the cause. So to fix it make sure no heat is trapped inside your device. Check the air passage, clean the dirt and dust from the vents to control the overheating.

Remove the Virus or Malware:

The virus or malware attacks can cause issues like freezing or lagging. So, use potent antivirus software to clean the virus or malware. Perform a deep scan first and then clean all virus from your device.

Desktop Crashing:

The issues like crashing have no certain cause and can occur due to a number of reasons but thankfully it is easily recoverable. Here are few solutions to HP desktop crashing:

  • Check all the connections on your HP desktop
  • Update or replace your drivers with the latest ones
  • A problematic hard drive can be the cause of crashing
  • Make sure your device has enough memory to execute a program.


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